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Whiplash Physical Therapy Treatment

Whiplash is a strain in your neck that is often caused by a car accident but can really be caused by anything that causes your head quickly jerk to the front or back. This unexpected action strains and can tear the muscles in your neck. Other than auto accidents, neck strains are also common in contact sports. Physical Therapy for whiplash is a very important part of your recovery. 

When does whiplash pain subside?

Like any injury, your recovery time will really be dependent on the severity of your whiplash injury. Pain caused by whiplash can start to subside within days or weeks of your injury. Your doctor would most likely prescribe physical therapy to help with pain reduction, and neck strengthening to rehabilitate your muscles while increasing flexibility. One of your physical therapists goals would be to strengthen your neck in order to decrease the chances of neck strain in the future.

It is very important to follow through with proper rehabilitation for whiplash because if you push yourself before recovery it could lead to long term pain or a permanent injury. After receiving physical therapy treatment for whiplash you should be able to regain full mobility in neck motions. You should not have any stiffness or pain.

Whiplash Physical Therapy

At Allied Physical Therapy we treat whiplash victims in the Norwood, Foxboro, and Framingham areas. Our physical therapists accept all forms of auto, health, and workers comp insurance and have years of experience and training on proper rehabilitation treatments.

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