Hip Replacement Therapy

Hip Replacement Physical Therapy

Road to Recovery

The first recorded attempt at performing a hip replacement was back in 1891 by Themistocles Gluck[1]. Since then the number of hip replacements in the US has been increasing exponentially each year. One reason for the increase in numbers is due to a large increase in patients between age 45 and 54[2]. No matter how old you are you probably aren’t ready to stop moving! With so many surgeries performed each year, physical therapists see so many patients needing hip replacement rehab and are very well prepared to help you on your road to recovery.

Physical Therapy After A Hip Replacement

After undergoing hip replacement surgery you will first receive inpatient physical therapy for the first few days of recovery. After that you may be transitioned to a rehab facility or require in home physical therapy for some time. After you can safely perform normal activity within your home it may be time to start outpatient physical therapy at your local Allied Physical Therapy office. 

Outpatient Hip Replacement Therapy

While at Allied Physical Therapy, your Physical Therapist will work with you to develop a plan to reach your personal goals to return to an active lifestyle. This may include work or sports activity goals, or maybe just a better range of motion and strength to do daily tasks like easily getting in and out of your car, walking, or comfortably sitting. This will all depend on your activity level and your personal goals that you share with your therapist.


Many patients choose to see a therapist prior to their hip replacement surgery so that the Physical Therapist can see their pre-surgery activity and so they can also give them exercises to perform before and after surgery. See more information at our Prehab page.

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[1] Dr. Ananya Mandal, MD, “Hip Replacement History”, (Oct. 16, 2014)

[2] Randy Dotinga, WebMD News from HealthDay, (Feb. 12, 2015)


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