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Common Injuries From A Slip & Fall

Common Injuries From A Slip & Fall

Living in Massachusetts comes with more risks of injury resulting from winter weather. Common cause of winter injuries include car accidents from icy roads, work accidents caused by decreased activity joined with stiff muscles/ligaments caused by frigid temps, and slip and fall accidents in icy parking lots.

Today, let’s discuss some of the injuries someone may get after falling after a slip on ice. Every year we treat numerous patients that have suffered from a slip and fall. These range from elderly people that slipped while going to their car – to young winter sports enthusiasts that get injured on the ice or slopes. Out of all of these scenarios, here are some of the most common slip and fall injuries we see.

Wrist Injury

Many times after slipping on ice, your first response as you are going down is to break the fall using your hands. This is a great defense mechanism to protect your head but can often lead to broken wrist. Treatment for a broken wrist can most often be treated without surgery but will most likely require some time with a physical therapist to ensure that you regain your range of motion and strength.

Rotator Cuff Injury

While falling after a slip on ice you may not be able to go down using your arms and hands but instead you may land on your shoulder. Another common injury caused by a slip and fall is a rotator cuff injury. Your shoulder can suffer an injury due to a direct impact causing torn ligaments that can separate the collarbone from the shoulder bones. Physical therapy can provide pain relief while improving strength and restoring joint mechanics.

Herniated Disc

If you land on your back after a slip and fall accident it may result in an injury to your spine. The bones (vertebrae) that form the spine in the back are cushioned by small discs. ... A herniated disc (also called a bulged, slipped or ruptured) disc is a fragment of the disc nucleus that is pushed out of the annulus, into the spinal canal through a tear or rupture in the annulus.

After a slip and fall that involves landing on, and injuring your back it is important to seek medical attention immediately. Treatments for a herniated disc may include physical manipulation performed by a chiropractor, physical therapy treatment, or even surgery.

At Allied Physical Therapy, we offer quality physical therapy and chiropractic treatments to assist in the rehabilitation for sufferers of slip and fall injuries. Please contact us at one of our three convenient Massachusetts locations in Norwood, Foxborough, and Framingham, MA

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