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Massachusetts Bike Riding

Massachusetts Bike Riding

Bike Trails, Lanes, and Injury Treatment

Since the 1800’s, bicycling has brought enjoyment to countless people. Whether for commute, recreation, or sport purpose, bike riding has proven to be a healthy and fun activity for young, middle-age, and even an older demographic. Current statistics show almost 25% of the U.S. population between the ages of 30-49 ride bicycles. This is the largest group polled followed by ages 18-29 which comes in at approximately 20% and 50-64 year olds coming in at 14%.

In Boston and throughout Massachusetts there has been a push to cater to the safety and recreational needs of bicyclists in the last decade. Boston.gov says they are working towards increasing the safety of their bike lanes by adding buffers that would “provide more space between people biking, people driving, and/or parked vehicles… When buffered bike lanes are located adjacent to car parking, the buffer provides a bit more space for people to open their car doors without unexpectedly hitting a person biking. There are no vertical elements to separate these lanes.”

The City of Boston is also looking to add separated bike lanes. “Separated bike lanes are similar to buffered bike lanes in that they provide more space between people bicycling and those driving or parking cars, but separated bike lanes also provide vertical separation between people on bikes and people in cars.”

Risk of Accidents

Injuries from cars quickly turning right with no signal as a bike is traveling from behind is a common cause for a bicycle accident. Another is when a vehicle is pulling out into the street as a biker is going by. Maintaining a mindset that other drivers or pedestrians cannot see you, and wearing a helmet are the most important steps in bike safety. Sprains, fractures, tears, cuts and bruises, are much easier to rehabilitate than the brain.

Physical Therapy for Injuries

Bike accidents aren’t the only way to get injured on a bike though. Over worked muscles, arthritis, and failing joints can also be a form of injury caused (or affected) by bike riding.

At Allied Physical Therapy our therapists have the knowledge and expertise to treat your bike injury and get you on the road to recovery. Contact us at one of our three convenient Massachusetts physical therapy offices.

List of bike trails in Massachusetts

If you are looking for bike trails in Massachusetts here is a link to check out. Let us know which one is your favorite! https://www.traillink.com/stateactivity/ma-bike-trails/

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  • "After a motor vehicle accident, requiring neck surgery, the team at Allied brought me back to good health. Much appreciated and I’d highly recommend them to anyone."
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  • "This is an excellent facility for physical therapy. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and caring. I highly recommend Allied Physical Therapy for anyone in need of PT."
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