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  • What is Swayback Posture?
    What is Swayback Posture? Swayback happens when the pelvis is slightly tipped forward resulting in an exaggeration of the curve in the spine. Normal spinal curvature shows curves at three areas, Read more
  • Speed, Distracted Driving, and a Pandemic
    Speed, Distracted Driving, and a Pandemic Even during a time of lock-down, auto accidents are prevalent. For many, decreased traffic meant stress free driving and higher air quality during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Read more
  • Should You Push Off Your Physical Therapy Appointments?
    Should You Push Off Your Physical Therapy Appointments? During these uncertain times of the Covid-19 outbreak - PT is still necessary.Physical therapy is very important when recovering from surgery, that is Read more
  • Joe's Rock | Southeastern MA Hiking Trails Review
    Joe's Rock - Hiking Trails in Wrentham, MA Keeping with our Stay Active - Winter 2020 goals, our next hiking trail that we are reviewing is Joe's Rock in Wrentham, MA. Read more
  • F. Gilbert Hills State Forest Hiking Trail Review
    F. Gilbert Hills State Forest Local Trails for Hiking, Running, or Biking F. Gilbert Hills State Forest, sometimes referred to as Foxboro State Forest, is a 1,000+ acre park smack dab in Read more
  • Foot Pain: An Epidemic
    Foot Pain: An Epidemic Your feet are very important to your overall health. The American Podiatric Medical Association recently released the results of a national study which investigated how frequently Americans Read more
  • How to Avoid a Yard Work Injury
    How to Avoid a Yard Work InjurySafe Yard Work Yard work is a great way to get outside, get fresh air, and get some great exercise. Spring is a great time Read more
  • Treatment for Upper Crossed Syndrome
    Treatment for Upper Crossed Syndrome Upper crossed syndrome is the deformation of the chest, shoulders, and neck muscles. This is usually brought on by poor posture leading to the back muscles Read more
  • Common Injuries From A Slip & Fall
    Common Injuries From A Slip & Fall Living in Massachusetts comes with more risks of injury resulting from winter weather. Common cause of winter injuries include car accidents from icy roads, Read more
  • 5 Benefits of Exercise Exercise and Health Applications
    5 Benefits of ExerciseExercise and Health Applications We all have heard that good diet choices and exercise are good for us but many of us have a hard time putting an Read more
  • The Difference between Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy
    The Difference between Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists are often hard to differentiate between. Both kinds of therapist’s have primary goals to address or prevent the Read more

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  • "After a motor vehicle accident, requiring neck surgery, the team at Allied brought me back to good health. Much appreciated and I’d highly recommend them to anyone."
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  • "This is an excellent facility for physical therapy. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and caring. I highly recommend Allied Physical Therapy for anyone in need of PT."
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  • "The folks at Allied know their stuff AND they care about me as a human being. Starting with Angelo and the rest of the team, Marissa, Debbie, and Lauren, I feel that my physical recovery is paramount to them; and, they integrate their notes to respond to any surgical precautions. They really provide a harmonious combination of healthcare and human-being-care. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking physical therapy in the area. Doug from Mansfield :-)"
    Doug - Google
  • "Excellent service,friendly stuff in all locations."
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